About Us

Big Gold Buyers is the leader in gold buying and trading as a refinery. Our business revolves around the greatest, most experienced people in the industry. With years of experience, we're a family-based business that has worked its way from the bottom to the top to the highest points that it will bring us. Our staff consists of the best technicians that have tested precious metals over a million times, and diamond testers that have tested and separated millions of diamonds that are GIA certified. To our CEO, Alexander Dimopoulos that has led the largest retail operations in the country, are now taking over the precious metal industry. He has years of experience and sales in retail and jewelry, and working with the most prestigious jewelry companies in the world.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to establish several locations in the US and internationally to become the largest gold bank in the world. At the same time, we want to help the general public with financial problems that may occur day to day. Life is an obstacle, and we all need a helping hand through the tough times. With banks cutting back on issuing loans, our gold brokerage is a safe, legal, fully-licensed alternative that people can rely on. We understand life is an obstacle and we strive to help as a buyer and lender. Our online process is designed to be quick, easy and discreet, so anyone can sell their unwanted or unneeded valuables.


Our goal is to offer superior service and to strive for excellence. We're working to make the World Wide Web a virtual store the same way that we treat our customers which we've had for years. It's the same relationship we strive for biggoldbuyers.com, building a strong relationship with superior communications will lead to our customers feeling as comfortable as possible. We believe in long-term relationships will help us grow as a company and as a franchise. Our other goal is to build international relations with gold sellers and buyers. Building a foundation of international trade and domestic trade. we are becoming a source of trust in the gold refinery industry. We want to create a virtual online business that makes you feel you are doing face-to-face business, transforming and revolutionizing the buying industry and precious metal industry for the 21-century. This apporach allows business to be done 24 hours/7 days a week since the web never closes.